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A New Website + A Free Style Guide

You are not here by accident, friend! You found my new photography website and I’m thrilled you did! After 12 years in business I figured it was time to launch a brand new website and blog to share what I’ve learned, what I’m up to and what I love most with you.

I am so happy about my new website I decided I am giving you a free gift just for visiting! That’s right. Thank you for being here. 

But first…nice to meet you!

My name is Heather and I specialize in newborn and maternity portrait photography. I believe photographs are much more than what they seem to be at the surface. To me, they are moments sealed into a beautiful memory in digital or print form to be cherished for generations to come!

I went from a long-time photo hobbyist to a full-time portrait photographer in 2008. While my specialty is newborn and maternity photography I am experienced in and enjoy photographing children, families (pets too), engagement sessions, headshots, boudoir sessions, modeling sessions, personal branding sessions, residential properties, and products/food. I am committed to providing you with timeless, affordable photographs along with a truly memorable experience. 

I service La Habra, Brea, Fullerton, Anaheim Hills, Yorba Linda, Whittier, and many surrounding areas throughout beautiful Southern California.

When thinking about what I could give to visitors of OSBP I didn’t have to think long or hard on it. It’s the one thing I KNOW people really need even if they don’t realize that they do need it!

Are you getting excited to find out more about this gift?

Well, before we talk about what it is let’s ponder something together. I have a feeling that if I gathered 100 people in one room, I would guess that not one person would be excited to get in front of my camera on the spot.

Why is that?

I believe it is because they would be unprepared. When you’re unprepared you feel uneasy about most everything. Consider attempting to make a recipe for dinner and being unprepared. If you don’t have the recipe to follow, the ingredients to add in or the right cooking equipment to get the meal made with how would you feel? You would feel like you have to start completely from scratch. It would feel like a HUGE undertaking. The type of undertaking that would make you want to order take out. 

Am I right?

Being prepared can make or break more than just what you’re having for dinner. It can mean the difference in how you view yourself after investing in one of the most timeless things EVER…professional photographs!

Does deciding what to wear for a photoshoot intimidate you?

It doesn’t have to anymore! I have put together a FREE Gift especially for you. This What to Wear for Professional Photos Style Guide will help you look phenomenal the next time you get in front of a camera. It’s going to prepare you for your next professional photoshoot in so much detail you may walk in telling your photographer “I’m ready, let’s do this”!  

What’s Inside?

Do’s & Don’ts 

A Packing List

2 Color Inspiration Boards

Confidence Boosting Tips

Choosing the Best Color Palette Worksheet

Setting Your Intentions Worksheet

Choosing Your Location Worksheet

Choosing Your Outfits Worksheet

Hair & Makeup Thoughts

Choosing Your Props & Accessories Worksheet

Trust me. This is the most comprehensive Style Guide for planning a fabulous photo session you can get!

Are you ready to get your hands on it?

You can take a little peek inside down below. You will not be disappointed! Everything you need to be prepared for the next time you are in front of the camera is right here waiting for you.

What are you waiting for? 

Go, and get your gift!

OC Family Photographer
OC Family Photographer

Grab yours here – FREE STYLE GUIDE HERE!

February 10, 2020

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