One Shot Beyond

I’m passionate about showcasing genuine moments and connections through my photographs. My passion runs very deep.

As a young child, I lost my mom and grew up without a single photograph of her. For so many years I longed for just one image of her. It wasn’t until my late teens that I feasted my eyes on a one inch black and white photograph (cut out from a yearbook) of her. Can you imagine what that moment felt like for me? It was the most joyous day of my entire life! 

Hi, I'm Heather!

My goal is to brighten the spirit of lives through my photography. I do photography because every photograph is a special little piece of history with the potential to change a life. I know that one single photograph gave me that and so much more! It gave me a deeper connection to my mother and a lifelong career. My promise to you is a relaxed and calm experience with all of the focus on you. I truly believe professional photos can dramatically impact your life. I’d be delighted to create a special piece of history with you!

When I’m not out photographing cuddly babies or motivated small business owners I’m usually hanging out with friends or enjoying my hobbies. The hobbies I enjoy most are cooking, DIY projects, reading and crocheting. 

- Heather

I am a newborn portrait and branding photographer based in Pinal County, Arizona.

"This is my 4th year doing my family photos with Heather at One Shot Beyond. She is so delightful, and my kids love her. I find that is important to stick with someone you know and love because my kids have become so used to her that it gets easier every year to get them to smile and hold poses.

Heather is so hands on throughout the process. I'm a control freak, and it doesn't bother her at all when I send her pictures of our outfits and scout locations before the shoot. She offers suggestions, and is always so responsive and calming. She is AWESOME. You should all book with her!!!!!"

"She is AWESOME. You should all book with her!!!!!!"

- Heather t